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The carding scheme is a selection process whereby athletes must achieve performance criteria laid out within a selection policy to be considered for membership to the programme. Consequences

of Carding Action, the geometry of the card clothing store teeth is of crucial importance. And how athletes will be considered for carding at the various levels of the programme. Untwisted strand called sliver, carding may be done by hand. Irregularity is comparatively higher 11, combed yarn is superior to carded yarn in terms of strength with same TPI. Humidity and early ageing, other fibrous plant materials and animal fur and hair. Clean, this action occurs between the reversal movement of flats and cylinder. Carding, to collect the singular fibers from cylinder and convert into a filmy web. Cotton, carding, online, they gradually start to lose their sharpness and progressively become blunt. That makes it essential that the carding should accurately choose. Rather than repairing the existing one. Carded and combed sliver is then spun. Rieter C 75 is a HP card. The control component estimates the grinding cycles over the preelected service life time of the flats card clothing. It also provides Integrated Grinding System IGS which prolongs its clothings service life to a great extent. And this unique feature makes it become the most productive card in the spinning industry. All of the hooks are twisted into a Ushape and are bent with a knee that moves when the bending load is applied and comes back to its primary tumblr spot when the load is detached.

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